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Tom and Ted’s is a local business here to provide a service for people wishing to walk their dog privately. The business requires the members to adhere to the rules and requires a level of honesty and collaboration in order to keep the field well maintained, free from litter, clean and safe for all dog’s and their owners. We require a level of trust from those who agree to use it.



I, the dog walker and user of Tom and Ted’s, agree to the following Terms & Conditions:



To accept all responsibility for assessing the suitability of the field for my dog and myself. The individual accepts that the fence, security, terrain, wildlife, grass, pond, weather and other characteristics of the field are acceptable for themselves, their dog and the dog’s safety;

To accept full responsibility for injuries or death to either myself or my dog while using the field. To accept responsibility for all safety aspects prior to, during or subsequent to the use of the field and I, the dog walker must accept liability for any loss, damage, injury or death, howsoever or by whomever caused, whether to property or persons sustained by any person in the field;

To report any issues, problems, litter, prior dog waste, trespassing, damage to the fence/gates or damage to the property to the business owner via the email address provided as soon as possible (;

To pay in full before I attend my time slot;

To not book a time slot that clashes with high tide. I acknowledge the warning on the booking page and accept that I will not receive a refund if I cannot get to my allocated time slot;

To not make any temporary or permanent alterations to the landscape, fencing or gate posts. This includes any damage created by the dogs, such as holes that have been dug;

To not use the field if I am aware or have any knowledge as to any possible dog security or fencing issue before walking;

To collect my dog’s faeces and use the dog waste bin provided for solely dog waste;

To not leave litter or rubbish on the site;

To not leave any residual human/dog food or treats in the field;

To accept responsibility for my dog’s health and to accept the consequences of it consuming something in the field;

To accept and acknowledge the land is inhabited by various species of potentially harmful wildlife including bugs, reptiles, birds etc;

To prevent my dog from killing or interfering with any wildlife;

To consider the nature of my dog's temperament and its attitude towards other dogs and other people when booking and attending a group booking or an allocated time slot for multiple dogs and field users. I accept that I am fully liable and responsible for my dog's behaviour towards other people and other dogs;

To accept full responsibility for any injuries caused by me and my dog or inflicted on to me or my dog by another user or another dog;

To not use the field unless it has been paid for and it has been booked through the website;

To not use the dog walking field if my dog or any other dogs I have in my household are showing signs of being unwell or I have any knowledge of any diseases or contractable viruses/infections my dog may have;

To use the field solely for the purpose of dog walking and nothing more;

To not use any kites, flying equipment, bicycles, skateboards or such like, motorbikes or mechanically propelled devices on the field, such as a drone;

To accept that although the field has been fenced with dog specific fencing, there is no guarantee that my dog will not escape under, through or over the fence;

To consider, if not already, having a collar and name/address tag on my dog;

To consider, if not already, having my dog microchipped;

To accept responsibility for the safe entry and exit of the field when considering the nature of other dog’s and other users that may be using the field before or after me;

To finish my time slot and be ready to leave on time;

To allow enough time to exit the field before interfering with the next user;

To arrive at a reasonable time before or within the allocated time slot;

To keep my dog on a lead before and after I enter the fenced field;

To ensure all gates are closed on field entry and exit;

To accept responsibility for my dog escaping if I, or another user has opened or left open any gates;

To leave my vehicle and its contents, during my time slot, entirely at my own risk. The vehicle and its contents are my own responsibility and will not be parked there longer than the booked time slot. (Parking is free). I will notify Tom and Ted’s if there is an issue with my vehicle, and it cannot be moved;

To be 18 years old or over. If you are under 18, you must be accompanied by an adult (person of 18 years or older);

To accept that I may be contacted by Tom and Ted’s with the phone number or email address provided;

Tom and Ted’s will not knowingly share your personal information with any third parties;

Tom and Ted’s accept no responsibility for any injuries, ailments or death sustained to either the user or the dog;

Tom and Ted’s also accept no responsibility for any damage to personal belongings, materials or equipment; and

Tom and Ted’s accept no responsibility for the escape of any dogs.



The owners of Tom and Ted’s retain the right to terminate any membership at their discretion or if any of these Terms & Conditions are breached. Members are expected to check this page for any updates to the Terms & Conditions. If they are no longer in accordance with the Terms & Conditions, it is their responsibility to contact Tom and Ted's, pay any outstanding balance and cancel their membership.

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