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Dog Walking Field

The dog field is available to any member of the public. In order to use the field, we require you to sign up as a member to book your time slots. This allows us to manage and govern the use of the field as well as we can. In order to sign up and book your time slots please click the button at the top of the homepage that says 'Book Now' or simply login if you are an existing member. Once you are signed up and logged in, click on either the 'Book Now' button or go into your member area and 'Check Out Our Services'


Hey there! Nice to meet you! I'm Ted and I will be looking after you and your furry friend

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About Me

Who are Tom and Ted?

Tom and Ted are just a man and dog partnership offering others the chance to enjoy what it is we enjoy together. Between us we have a field that we would like to offer other people and their dog the chance to roam freely and play securely, just as we do.

Our field is a safe and secure area for you and your dog to roam freely. With over 5 acres of variable terrain, your dog has the opportunity to run wild in a large but enclosed space, giving you complete peace of mind that your dog is safe and can only go so far. It is a beautiful place for your dog to sniff, scratch, run and even swim in the pond. 

The field is ideal for any dogs that might be a nervous walker or have never had the chance to come off the lead. You can have the luxury of complete privacy away from other distractions or dog walkers. 


What is the dog field?

The dog field is the perfect place for every dog owner.


It is a chance to let your dogs be actual dogs and run as freely as they can without encountering any other dogs, people or distractions in a securely fenced, completely natural environment. You simply book your half an hour or one hour time slot online and arrive at the field ready to let your dog do it's thing. The field can be used for you to simply let your dog off the lead and enjoy the opportunity of freedom or it can be used as a chance for every dog owner to have a moment to themselves and take some time out with their best, furry friends.

We believe every dog should have it's day. Every dog deserves to run free and enjoy what nature has to offer. It isn't always possible when the park is a little busy or there are too many other dogs around. Sometimes there may be other dogs that are too big or scary for your dog. Even on the days when there may be a little more space in the park or slightly fewer distractions around, it still may not be possible for every dog owner to let their dog off the lead knowing he or she can be trusted to come back. 


 With the field well placed in a beautiful coastal setting just south of Colchester, near Mersea Island, it is a really good chance to soak up some privacy and enjoy a little escape to the countryside.

What is the dog field?
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